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Threat-Informed Assessments

Evaluate your readiness against the cyber threats most relevant to you

Jump start your threat-informed defense journey.

It’s easy to think of managing your security posture as simply patching vulnerabilities. However, while there’s no substitute for good cyber hygiene, addressing your organization’s true security posture requires a more proactive and strategic approach: threat-informed defense. With threat-informed defense, you hone in on the tactics, techniques, and procedures that the adversaries most likely to target you use, and then tailor your defenses accordingly. The result is more efficient and effective analysts, a streamlined security stack, and overall reduced cost.

Does getting started with threat-informed defense sound daunting? Let Tidal help! Our Threat-Informed Assessment, featuring the Tidal Confidence Score™, will provide the recommendations you need to make your threat-informed defense journey a success. We can help you identify the threats most relevant to your business, optimize your defenses, and more.

Using the state-of-the-art Tidal Confidence Score, our team can give you answers to the key questions all cybersecurity professionals face:

  • What types of attacks are we concerned with? 
  • What work have we done to thwart those attacks? 
  • Do we have evidence that the work was effective? 
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Benefits of a Threat Informed Assessment

Every assessment is fully customized to the needs of your organization. Here are just a few possible benefits and recommendations.

  • Define Threat Models

    Identify the specific techniques adversaries are likely to use to target your business

  • Identify Security Gaps

    Map the techniques used by the adversaries you care about to the tools in your security stack

  • Optimize Defenses

    Custom analytics help ensure the tools in your security stack are targeting the specific threats your organization faces

  • Communicate Risk Reduction

    The Tidal Confidence Score makes it easy to talk to leadership and stakeholders about your organization's overall cyber defense picture