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Staying compliant and responding to audits promptly is a challenge for GRC compliance analysts. Lack of specificity in frameworks and the ability to cross-check frameworks with controls in place to understand how well they are covered against threats is a time-consuming, manual process. Analysts are often left wondering if their controls measure up and, if not, what they can do to become compliant. 
Tidal Cyber addresses the challenge by making GRC a continuously updated, repeatable, and data-driven process, that gives you a Threat-Informed Defense approach to assessing your overall controls.

Analysts can stay up to date with compliance, determine exposure to threats, and understand if they are covered for new threats. Getting answers to questions quickly and recommendations for how to mitigate risk and stay compliant, they can confidently respond to audits in an accurate and timely manner. 

How can Tidal Cyber help?

Scores how comprehensively a control addresses that threat/satisfies that framework to determine residual risk 

Looks at behaviors to correlate new threats with implemented controls to determine exposure  

Shows techniques to close security gaps where no controls exist and where existing controls can help mitigate

Benefits and Outcomes

  • Makes GRC a continuously updated, repeatable, and data-driven process
  • Increases accuracy and confidence in audit response
  • Accelerates the ability to remediate and maintain compliance
  • Facilitates the business’ ability to enter new markets and drive more revenue
  • Make Threat-Informed Defense part of your control assessment 
  • Determine exposure to threats 
  • Get answers to questions about new threats quickly 
  • Marry your threats to your control framework 
  • Save time and money required to respond to audits