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Learn more about how Tidal empowers organizations to achieve threat-informed defense in our whitepapers, ebooks, and infographics.



Whitepapers, brochures, and more. Download these PDFs to learn more about how Tidal optimizes adversary behavior data for organizations large and small.

Multi Source Analysis of Top MITRE ATT&CK Techniques

Cyentia and Tidal Cyber tackle a fundamental question in cybersecurity: How do adversaries attack, and which defenses should we prioritize? 

Defensive Measures Against Ransomware

Implementing basic cyber hygiene leads to a significant improvement in the ability of small businesses to fend off ransomware, according to this analysis by Tidal Cyber and the Global Cyber Alliance (GCA).

The Chertoff Group and Tidal Cyber Partner to Offer Threat-Informed Defense Managed Services

With this new offering, enterprise security organizations will be able to keep pace more effectively with rapidly evolving cyber threat groups.

Threat-Informed Defense at Enterprise Scale

This infographic shows how Tidal considers both adversary techniques and defensive stacks to generate coverage maps.

Tidal Product Registry Brochure

Learn about the benefits of joining the Tidal Product Registry for security vendors in this helpful one-sheet.

Three Ways Quantifying Cyber Confidence Can Improve Your Defensive Posture

Are you measuring your actual security, or just your effort towards security? Quantifying your cyber risk can help. This whitepaper explains more.