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Show off your defensive capabilities

Whether you're a goliath vendor or a startup, you know how much work it takes to get and retain customers. What if they could use threat profiles that prioritize adversaries under TTPs mapped against synthesized intelligence, and, further, use unique coverage maps to discover what of your capabilities they should be using that they might not be yet? Sounds pretty great, right?

We think so, too.

Work with us to get in our Registry and your customers will gain a better understanding of what your product can do for them and gain the assurance you need them to have that you are, indeed, protecting them.

Improve Customer Retention

Make it easy for customers to discover exactly the threats you defend against. Joining the Registry is free.

Long-Term Customer Confidence

If they can validate that your product says it can do, then there's a big chance you can use Tidal as part of your upsell process.

Sales Enablement

It's common for sales to get comfortable selling one product; show them how to use Tidal to sell the rest of your portfolio.

Your defensive capabilities, validated.

The Tidal Vendor Registry™ shows users possible solutions they may already have in their security stack or could purchase to defend against specific adversary behaviors. Included in the Registry are both capabilities, which describe how a product mitigates, protects, detects, responds, or tests MITRE ATT&CK® techniques, as well as product data sources, which describe the data products generate that map to ATT&CK Data Components. The Vendor Registry is the key to helping analysts answer key questions around how their organizations are defended against specific threats.

As a solution provider, you want to connect with potential customers seeking your capabilities, while ensuring your existing customers are getting the most return on their investment with you. Showcasing your solutions in the Tidal Vendor Registry can help you do both, and it's free for solution providers to join!

Are you unclear on how your products map to ATT&CK? Tidal's experts have been working with ATT&CK since its inception, and stand ready to provide the support you need as you map your solutions to the ATT&CK knowledge base. 

To talk to Tidal to learn more about how you can map your solutions to ATT&CK, integrate ATT&CK into your solutions, or participate in the Tidal Vendor Registry, fill out the form on this page and we'll be in touch soon!

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Ready to get started?

Whether you need to get help mapping your capabilities, or you think you're ready to join the Tidal Vendor Registry, get started by scheduling a call with our team.