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Optimize Your Security Stack

Save money, reduce redundancy, and ensure your defenses are actually protecting you against your most relevant threats.

Save Money Without Sacrificing Security

Mapping the defensive capabilities in your security stack to adversary behavior gives you a clear picture of your defense posture. Tidal can help you improve to ensure you're using the best configurations of your tools to defend against the specific techniques you care about.

Coverage Maps

See your any gaps or redundancies in your defenses at-a-glance, so you can streamline your security stack to save money without sacrificing your security posture

Continual Tracking

Get daily alerts for any changes in your defensive coverage due to shifts in adversary behavior or new releases from security vendors

Defensive Recommendations

Daily recommendations suggest any new analytics or other necessary configuration changes to your tools to improve your defenses

Do you know how your tools actually defend you?

One of the biggest challenges of cybersecurity for most organizations is understanding exactly how they're defended against cyber threats.

By working with security vendors in the Tidal Product Registry, the Tidal Platform gives you a coverage map that shows you exactly how the products in your current security stack detect, protect, mitigate, defend, or test against the threats most relevant to you. You can then reduce redundancies or fill gaps accordingly.

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Give your security team once place to look for their to-do list.

The recommendations in the Tidal Platform give security analysts clear tasks to complete to defend their organizations.