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Managing teams to optimize defensive activities and resources is a challenge for Security Operations Center (SOC) managers. It is hard to see what different teams are doing, if the organization is covered against the threat of the day, and how to prioritize activities and allocate resources based on the risk posed by that threat – let alone spot a trend in the adversary space that needs to be prioritized. 

Tidal Cyber addresses the challenge by delivering a unified view of coverage as influenced by multiple teams and functions. We provide answers to coverage questions on the threat of the day, data to help prioritize actions across teams, and support trend analysis and history of coverage to help anticipate and prepare for what may be around the corner. 

SOC managers get visibility into the threat and across multiple teams to help their teams pinpoint attacks faster and quickly determine where they have or need security capabilities. With the ability to streamline coordination of activities across teams and focus resources on the highest priority threat, they can update stakeholders with information on their defensive posture and current risk exposure with conviction. 

How can Tidal Cyber help?

Delivers a unified view of coverage as influenced by multiple teams and functions 

Provides data-driven recommendations to prioritize actions across teams 

Supports trend analysis and provides history of coverage as impacted by threats and defenses 

Benefits and Outcomes

  • Fuses CTI, Blue Team, and Red Team with SOC management to streamline security operations and communication with leadership  
  • Simplifies team management and helps the team show their value given the realities of a specific threat or threat actor
  • Accelerates the ability to assess exposure to the latest threat  
  • Ensures teams stay focused on high-priority activities
  • Enables timely, data-driven stakeholder and executive reporting  
  • Help teams pinpoint attacks faster
  • Determine where coverage already exists or is needed  
  • Streamline coordination of activities across multiple teams/functions
  • Focus resources on the highest priority threats  
  • Communicate defensive posture and current risk exposure with confidence