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Early Access Agreement

Thank you for your interest in Tidal Cyber, Inc.’s (“Tidal”) software-as-a-service platform (“Platform”), which includes a solution registry that catalogs capabilities defined by service providers and explores how different service providers address specific techniques (“Solution Registry”). The Platform and Solution Registry collectively is referred to as the “Services”.  Tidal is looking for real-world testing to get feedback on the Services.  We are excited to share the Services with you, but need to make sure that the details regarding the Services are kept confidential until we officially launch.  Accordingly, we are agreeing to make available to you a pre-release version of the Services subject to your agreement to the following terms — by selecting “Agree”, you confirm that until the announced end of the Early Access  period:  

  • you agree that the Services are solely for internal evaluation purposes, and are not for production use and are not supported or maintained by Tidal; 

  • you agree that the Services, how the Services work and the information and content contained in the Services, is confidential and agree to respect its confidential nature and take all precautions to maintain such confidentiality so that none of the information provided in connection with your use will be divulged to any third party without Tidal’s prior written consent; 

  • you will not attempt to download, scan, copy, print, record or otherwise capture any of the information contained on the website and/or application; 

  • you will not attempt to circumvent any of the security features of the services, and will not enable or allow others to access the Platform using your account; and 

  • you acknowledge and agree that your access to the Services are strictly subject to the Tidal Terms of Use.