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Welcome to the Community Edition!

We're glad you're here. This page provides helpful tutorials, product updates, and other resources. Be sure to join the Tidal Community Slack to learn from other practitioners. Don't hesitate to contact support if you need help or if you think you've found a bug.

Community Edition Announcements

05/25/23: We'll be conducting maintenance tonight beginning at 8:30 PM ET. These updates may affect the availability of the platform, and you may notice significant service disruptions. We expect work to be completed by 10:30 PM ET. Thanks for your patience!

04/10/2023: Center for Threat Informed Defense cloud security mappings are now available in the Product Registry!

04/06/2023: IBM Security, Elastic, and Atomic Red Team all got mapping updates. If you had any of their products on a saved matrix, you'll need to re-add them. Thanks!

01/30/2023: We're conducting some back-end maintenance today beginning at 5 PM PT/8 PM ET. The system will be unavailable for a few minutes during this time, and we'll update here when we're done.  Thanks for your patience! UPDATE 8:30 PM ET: All maintenance has been completed.

01/26/2023: IBM Security is now available in the Product Registry!

01/04/2023: FourCore is now available in the Product Registry!

12/12/2022: SafeBreach is now available in the Product Registry!

12/8/2022: Elastic is now available in the Product Registry!

11/16/2022: SentinelOne is now available in the Product Registry!

11/3/2022: The Tidal Community Edition now supports ATT&CK v12! Learn more in our blog post.

10/26/2022: We pushed a release to make a number of back-end improvements and squish a few bugs. 

10/19/2022: Cybereason is now available in the Product Registry! 

10/13/2022: Logged in users can now add notes to objects throughout the platform. Users can also add scoring and create heat maps with technique sets, as well as import Navigator JSON files.

9/28/2022: Curated content is now available. Access Tidal Community Resources via Curated Content in the main hamburger menu.

9/21/2022: Logged in users can now share technique sets or saved matrices! In the account menu in the top right corner, select My Work to share via email, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

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