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Mark Davidson

Vice President, Engineering

Mark is a seasoned software engineering leader who loves to build high-performing teams that solve cybersecurity problems. He has a proven track record of creating continuously improving teams that deliver highly usable and (mostly) bug-free software. He has built product backlog, implemented agile/scrum, implemented software engineering best practices, developed junior staff, and mentored senior staff. Mark's primary purpose is to create great solutions that matter to end-users. Mark's leadership style is to find the best people and enable them to succeed. As a result, his teams have a strong sense of mission, excellence, and teamwork combined with high job satisfaction and a great work-life balance.

Earlier in his career, Mark invented TAXII, a globally implemented protocol for exchanging Cyber Threat Intelligence. He served as a co-chair in the OASIS CTI Technical Committee for three years, transitioning STIX and TAXII from MITRE/DHS governance to public governance while at the same time evolving TAXII from XML/RPC to JSON/REST. Mark also invented libtaxii, the most popular open-source TAXII Python library with over 500,000 downloads to date.