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Jennifer Leggio

Jennifer Leggio

Executive Advisor, Operations and Go-To-Market

Jennifer Leggio has more than 24 years in cybersecurity marketing, operations, strategy, and business development. Her specialties include build-to-exit, build-to-grow, and rebuild-for-strength strategies. She excels in storytelling and crafting content-driven, integrated programs that drive brand awareness and revenue generation. Beyond marketing, she has overseen financial growth strategy, investor relations, change management, supply chain optimization, sales operations and enablement, and deal desk management. Her most notable growth and exit ventures include Fortinet, Sourcefire, Flashpoint, Claroty, and Infocyte.

In 2019, she was recognized by SC Media for advocating aggressively for ethical marketing programs and the protection of security researchers. She’s also spoken on these topics at various industry events and conferences and continues to share my insights through articles and podcasts, and several speaking opportunities at DEF CON, RSA, Gartner Security Summit, and so on.

As a growth strategist, she advises startups and venture capital firms on achieving rapid and sustainable growth, earning a reputation as a game-changer in the industry.