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Jeff Linenfelser

Senior Advisor, Strategic Partnerships

Jeffrey (Jeff) Linenfelser has more than three decades experience in high technology solution strategy, development, and client relationship spheres. Jeff began his career as a research consultant and analyst serving noteworthy clients in broad industry areas before moving to global coverage roles with major software providers such as SPSS, IBM, and ORACLE. Jeff’s career experience also includes substantial time spent with commercial start-up organizations and industry non-profits both on staff and through consulting and advising relationships.

For the past decade Jeff has been focused specifically on the global cybersecurity and information security sectors including time spent with The MITRE Corporation through its tech foundation driving innovation for public good. Jeff led all coordination, outreach, engagement, relationship and growth management efforts associated with the MITRE ATT&CK® Evaluations program centered on fostering and delivering top-tier assessments for the global cybersecurity provider space with linkages to buyer populations consuming outputs. Jeff was also highly involved with sophisticated practitioners through the Center for Threat-Informed Defense within the MITRE tech foundation in advisory and external engagement capacities.

The work Jeff is currently most passionate about revolves around organizing, collaborating, and guiding the global cybersecurity and information security communities striving for the betterment of their efforts and the outcomes and impacts they drive for general good. Jeff is in a unique position to work effectively across industry players on a global basis to drive impact and this is consistent with his TIDAL Cyber work and other initiatives.