The Ultimate Guide to Cyber Threat Profiling

Download our ebook to learn everything you need to know to build and maintain cyber threat profiles for your organization.

Not every cyber threat is relevant.

Which threats matter most to my organization? A common question from security leadership, but usually not an easy (or quick) one to answer. Cyber threat profiling is a powerful capability that gives teams greater focus and confidence to proactively address threats, but its adoption has been limited by misconceptions and lack of repeatable guidance on how to practically build profiles. By developing cyber threat profiles, an organization can better tailor its defenses towards those threats.

In this ebook, we lay out the strategic benefits of cyber threat profiling, and then we explain and illustrate Tidal Cyber's particular method for developing cyber threat profiles. Readers of this ebook can expect to learn:

  • The benefits of developing cyber threat profiles for their organization
  • How to develop their first profile
  • Achievable methods for keeping threat profiles up to date


About the Author

Scott Small headshot-2Scott Small is Tidal Cyber’s Director of Cyber Threat Intelligence. He has spent the large majority of his career focused on threat quantification, originally assessing risks for physical security issues like terrorism & drug trafficking and now focused on cyber threats. During his time supporting a large number and variety of organizations, especially enterprises, with threat intelligence analysis, he regularly witnessed struggles with the application of that intelligence. These observations led him to embrace the concept of threat-informed defense as a practical yet powerful approach for improving security efforts. He is excited (and encouraged) to witness the growing adoption of threat-informed defense approaches and mindsets, and he hopes this resource can further support that welcome trend.